Patrick Henry Paint and Body has been serving the Rockwall area since 1983.

Where you repair is YOUR choice!

We work with every insurance company and on every make of car. You have the choice, by Texas Laws, to have your vehicle repaired AT ANY AUTO BODY SHOP YOU CHOOSE! Some insurance companies will try to convince you otherwise--direct you to a body shop of their choosing. They will tell you a certain body shop is the only place you can go if you want the insurer to pay for it or if you want a warranty. That practice is called STEERING and it is AGAINST THE LAW! You own your car, you pay for your insurance, and you have to live with the results of your choice. Choose the best auto body repair shop that has your interests at heart--not those of the insurance company. We will accept any estimate that your insurance company writes and then supplement them for any additional damages and costs. Make your choice based on what's best for you.

Successful auto body repair involves a whole host of specialized functions, equipment, technicians, and experience. It is both an art and a skill that we are proud to have mastered over the last 30-plus year in the auto body shop business here in Rockwall Texas.

Car and truck body repair involves the replacement of various damaged parts and equipment. It takes a lot of work and equipment to restore aluminum and steel structural members to their original strength and shape. It requires a certain measure of craft and art to re-sculpt auto body lines and contours, mixing, and matching, and applying paint to successful blend into the original texture and color. All with the ultimate goal of re-assembling the finished vehicle to its original condition… OR BETTER!

Our auto body team, both in the shop and in the office, work together to restore your vehicle to a condition equal to, or better, than prior to your accident.

We work with all insurance companies and are standing by to provide you with a free estimate quickly and fairly: Just call or come by.